Work as a coordinator

Manage employees in German warehouses


Career path

For those who speak German at a communicative level, have organizational skills, are able to manage a team of people, and above all who want to develop, we offer a career path in hrXP.

If you meet the above conditions, and you have experience in working in warehouses, you may be offered the position of foreman, the so-called working coordinator. By taking up this position you will be the team leader with whom you will work in the warehouse.

The next step in the development path is the Project Coordinator, who deals only with organizational and administrative issues. The highest position is held by Operations Manager, i.e. the person who manages the project from the strategic side, as well as being a mentor and direct superior for his subordinate coordinators.

From Commissioner to Manager

History of Krzysztof


Foreman (PKA • Arbeitender Projektkoordinator)

Your duties

  • Coordinating a group of employees in the warehouse
  • Implementing new employees in the workplace
  • Controlling attendance at work
  • Vigilance over the quality of the work performed
  • A layout of work schedules
  • Conducting assessment and motivation interviews
  • Maintaining business relations with customers

Work tools

  • Attractive financial bonus
  • Company computer and printer
  • Company phone
  • Workwear (T-shirts, trousers, fleece)


Project Manager (PKL • Leitender Projektkoordinator)

Your duties

  • You are responsible for personnel files of employees
  • You control the efficiency and quality of your work
  • You conduct assessment and motivation interviews
  • You react in the event of an accident at work
  • You plan, manage and control employee accommodation
  • Helping employees deal with official and other matters
  • Maintain business relationships with customers
  • You cooperate with other departments of hrXP (Recruitment, Facility, Finance)

Work tools

  • Company car
  • Company computer with printer
  • Company phone



Project manager in Haldensleben


Stable work

German employment contract

Salary bonus

Social benefits

Development trainings

Working in a young team

Do you speak German? You want to develop?